Thursday, February 4, 2021

Exposing my weird habit

 Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone. May all of us have the most pleasant day ever . 

I really miss blogging freely , blog walking ,commenting and reading others blogger's content . Its not that I'm so busy with my life , it just my brain cell can't giving me the exact idea that I wanted . 

Its already 11.45 pm and I actually told myself that " I'm sleepy and i'll immediately go to sleep " 


Since I can't sleep suddenly these idea pop up .

Weird Habit , i'll expose my kind of weird habit with you guys . Well idk if its too weird or not but some friends of mine said its unusual things to do as human being lol . 

1) I'll immediately wake up from sleep w/o even do the small stretching or as what people called it as ' mengeliat ' 

Reason : Whenever my parents going to work they'll knocking my door to inform myself about it . So I need to wake up as fast as I could so i won't be yelled lol. I guess its already become a response from my body . So i adapt with it even i was put in others circumstances.

 2) I talk with my cats and chase them around my neighborhood 

i no need reason for this . I love my cats , they're part of me . 

3) Wearing mismatch socks make me happy 

I love to wear colorful or pattern socks . The plain socks ? I do have it but its not that preferable compared to flashy one . 

4) I can't eat fried rice with hands because I think its too oily 

Lel , I feel like I need to wash my hand with clorox .

5) I used to jump rope like ' lompat pagar ' 

Skip , I won't elaborate it much . 

6) I love yellow but I don't have any 

Last time I have yellow shirt when its 2014.

7) I more prefer to wear abah T-shirt when at home and moms blouse when I hang out seems its comfy rather than mine

I love this weird part of me 

8) I can eat tempoyak but not durian

Anyone wanna join my club ? I think maybe bcs the smell of durian is too strong .

9)I'm left handed 

I think this more to being unique 

10) I love to walk under the heavy rain without umbrella 

Even if my shirts will soaking . Its like therapy for me until I fall a sick for weeks lol . I just love rain , it fits with my mood . 

I think that's it . Well some not that weird it just I receive tons of comments from people around regarding that thing . That's why I do include it here . 

Do you guys have any weird / unique attitudes that fit with you ? Do share with me please I'm bored lol . 

Thank you for reading :) 


  1. number 7 tu, jimat baru, takyah shopping dah

    1. Haha tula bila Mak ada baju lagi trendy ni lah jadi

  2. I like to twirl my hair when I am thinking.

  3. main hujan memang best...terapi...

  4. No.4 tu mcm sama..danbetul..walaupun ia nasi tapi tetap x sama hahaa..mcm pelik kan guna tgn mkn nasi goreng hahah ^_^

  5. Rasanya, semua cakap dengan kucing kot. Kucing memahami. Jump rope macam lompat pagar? Penatlah macam tu. Asal 2 inches lift yourself from the ground dah memadai. Weird habit? Suka tengok commercial break. Sebab currently, kat rumah ada android box yang bole tengok channel US. Commercial break dia orang menarik giler, ok. Tak macam malaysia punya. :D

  6. i dont like yellow but i have shawl in my wardrobe. hahah

  7. Number 4 is so relatable like I always wonder how can people eat nasi goreng and mee goreng with bare hands?

  8. Yang last sekali tu.. Sep sikit.. Best jalan dalam hujan.. Lagi lebat lagi syok.. Tapi sejak dah kahwin ini tak buat dah perangai pelik ini.. sesekali jelah amik kesempatan masa balik kerja waktu hujan turun sambil memandu motor.. hehehe..

  9. no 8 tu betul.. hahah.
    semua makanan based on durian boleh mkn kecuali tempoyak