Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Introvert is negative character ?

Salam and wassap guys . How are you doing? Im doing well as always . I just cannot sleep and its already 1 am . You know sometimes you being overthinking right after 12 am ? This is one of my thoughts . ( I wrote this around that time)

Who with me ? Are you guys introvert or extrovert ? After doing the mbti test i am introvert specifically isfj ( lol i was infj before for a long time ) . If you guys wanna know more about it i suggest you guys to search mbti test 16 personalities on google . Theres just quick questions there . 

Due to my curiosity i read one of article which stated Introvert is such a negative attitude . Its quite fun because all i know even in community introvert ppl tend to be treated in a ' wrong way'. Trust me . The words " You're too shy " " why u kinda different " " are sure you're human ?" The worst one would be " you so arrogant " i got that a lot lol . It used to hurt me a lot back then but idc anymore . I just let it be . I love myself .

The article with tittle " The Benefit Of Being Boring " stated introvert considered as -ve due to dull , no interest , no opinion . One of statement catch my eyes " its not American characteristics " i bet im born in Asia so thats why . Sarcasm detected . 

It also stated that extrovert gain energy while introvert losing energy while their interact in their social.

Do you think is it burdensome to being introvert ? Or have you guys encounter with such hate ? 

You can also claim whether you guys introvert or extrovert :) on comment section. 

I bet thats it from me. Really hope we all doing well on October :).  Dont forget your wishlist done . 


  1. Saya pun tak pasti saya introvert ke extrovert. Saya enjoy alone time tapi masa PKP stress sangat tak dapat keluar jumpa orang. In between kot. I guess both pun ada pros and cons. Sape tu kata introvert negatif. Tak baik tau

  2. I took the MBTI test and it turned out I'm and ENFP and it was said that ENFPs are the most introverted extroverts out of all the MBTI types. Honestly, I kinda agree. Sometimes, being around people makes me feel good and happy but it gets too much and my energy depleted I would step out and just do things alone. But I enjoy both!!!