Poem : Maybe

By sophea ◇ - 11:55 PM

You look just so fine
After the day i left you
maybe it just me that still torn apart
your bitter smile
your fragrance
maybe its me who still trap under that magic spell

Sorrow , tomorrow or never
I still hoping  .
When will all this would end

It might take forever
and forever is infinity

Living is like a hell
You forget how the heaven looks like
maybe theres never be tomorrow
Because  its just me who stuck in 1st page

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  1. whoever it is the person you're referring to, it seems like that person hurt you badly in the past... or maybe I read this wrongly...

    1. no , you're absolutely right . I wish i never meet him :)

  2. how poetric! you really got talent in writing.

  3. wah....i dunno why but i think you and me have the same interest, you love drawing, poems...just like me...do you love to write lyrics and sings too?
    if yes,,kita gengg..hahahah