Short Tips For Cat Care

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Hello there !!!  Who is cat lover here or known as ailurophile  ?  Okay chill , me neither included hehe  . I love my cats i even speak with them when i have free time . The whole fam keep asking me why do i spoke with them when they don't even know what i'm saying . Hey ! hey ! Don't insult my friends . I do believe that cat could understand our words especially when u spend plenty of times with them.Okay move to the topics in what cats needed  to survive in this harsh world , full with psycho who kill cats randomly .

Hey buddy ! thank u for always being there <3

Things that the owner need to focus on  :

1) Food ( dry , wet , raw , supplement)

😻In my condition , i give my cats dry food , wet food , treat treat (once a week if i have pocket money ) and raw food . So i really not suggest you only giving them the dry food . Can you imagine eating the food taste like a rock for whole life :( .For saving reason , you can buy a tin of wet food and not in packet . The might cursing u even after u death lol  . I give my cats treat treat especially if they fall a sick and cant really eat anything . The love treat treat and never say no . For raw food , its not raw actually , i give pure chicken after boiling it for few minutes . I told u , my cat love chicken not fish .

2) Water

😺Make sure your cat stay hydrated . They need water especially the hot day . Just put water in a clean bowl . Teach them thats belong to them at first round . Dont worry after that they already pro .  Don't worry their brain work better than us .

3) Litter cat

🙀Provide a place for them to poo , they need a sand and litter box ! Buy cat litter for better smell . Its provided a lot of flavour lol there's coffee , apple , lemon . For me i prefer apple . I clean their box everyday .Hm u no need to remove fully all of the sand after used *read the fully clarification behind the sack of cat litter *  I always but Happy Luv brand since it provided 10 Liter which able to used for a month .The price also not that expensive ( rm 14 .50) .Some prefer train their cat to go to bathroom . I tried but my cats not listening so yeah  ~

4) Space to sleep

😿If you want to know , cat have their strong territory character . I mean they tend to sleep to the same place if they feel its comfort them well.So provide them place , they need a respect . For me i just  let my cat sleep on plastic chair only . They aren't argue much.Miaw~ Good cat .

5)Toy , if you have extra cash

😽Just play with them whenever u have time . U have to spend time with them . Lil do u know cats are clingy too . They need you attention *background music charlie puth *

Extra tips :

💨takes your cat to vaccine so that they aren't affected by any virus
💨If u dont want your cat to breeding , u can spaying them ( which i'm not doing ) i love cats and for sure kittens*

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  1. I really wish to adopt one just to make it as my companion but I'm afraid I can't take care of it well cuz oh well, I can't even take care of myself LOL

    1. hahaha usually kitten has a lot of things to handle if u pet them but adult cat wont trouble much