Preloved Giveaway by Raydah

By sophea ◇ - 1:56 AM

 Assalamualaikum , and good evening :) its going to raining here . 
I love raining since it goes well with me .
Thank you Ray for invited me to join you GA , so here i am .
I'll give a try okay.
Lets join it guys , you wont lost anything.
Click the banner for further details okay. ( I did follow all your social media exclude instagram :which i forgot the passsword)

Reason i <3 your blog :
*Since you used english as your medium in writing ( i try to improve my english so yeah)
*The way you deliver your story is neat and easily to make me especially who easily distracted to understand
*bcs your blog is so neat and not over for me ( u use soft colour)


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  1. Wahh kak Ray is organizing a segment!! So cool!! ;) Hehe good luck to you...
    And yah, I love love love reading her blog too <3

  2. goodluck :) kaella singgah dari segmen yang sama

  3. singgah sini.good luck

  4. Semoga ada rezeki menang nanti. Aaminn

  5. goodluck! kita pon join gak..jemput singgah :D

  6. Salam singgah dari GA yang sama, best of luck to you..

  7. Goodluck :D dari GA yang sama juga

  8. goodluck

    moga ada rezki
    btw jemput singgah

  9. Assalamualaikum,

    Singgah dari segmen GA yang sama,