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(this picture taken when i go a jog with my parents )

Hey guys , assalamualaikum . Its been awhile i dont give any update here . Its not like i dont want but maybe i cant really put a good content here . Welp ! what a good 'excuse ' uh . 

On pass few months , i just trying to know myself more , what i do like what kind of things trigger me . You know just one of my missions ' trying to be a better person ' . 
I bet by doing mbti test personality it helps me a lot . To know myself in such a new dimension . You know the funny part , my close friends even arguing with me " you not introvert , you extrovert lah stop all this bla bla bla " . 
I bet thing is true ' we have a lot of masks that we wear , when we with friend , family , and by our own ' 

Ouh by doing that mbti test its shown that i'm infj which is one of 'rare' population .Yea , its also stated that infj person have such huge empathy . Which i kinda agree yet i dont think its smth that i'm proud . I mean i rather be hard like a stone so that i dont cry easily . You know when you easy to cry on stupid things . Thats tiring . 
So have you guys try that mbti test ? its free you can google it actually .

Back to the tittle , healing . Whats healing for your perspective ? For me healing is ' escape for awhile from ppl or daily routine by doing fun thing ' 

How i do healing ? In my own way , i draw a lot , doing poems , writing , talking to my internet friends, petting my cats . 

I'm so glad i have my escape room right now , my brother just moving out so i use his room as somewhere that i can get the idea and meditate, heh he shouldnt know this. 

After maghrib , i'll stay there . I'll just either writing or drawing while listen to some good musics or podcast . Yea i do listen to few podcasts rn . It helps me to be more open with myself . Well i might end up tell you guys which podcast i listen to (kinda free promoting) at the next posting .

Overall for me , healing is a phase which could be repetitive yet helping us out from burning out. Well i might be wrong right? All of this just my thoughts . 

Thank you for reading :)

Mind sharing what you guys doing to heal ? Or your mbti test result ? 

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  1. semoga semuanya dapat membantu untuk pulih semula ye dik.... Masa akak sakit dan kene warded sampai 3 minggu memang akak stress nak nangis sampai tak bagi sesiapa call. Nak terima hakikat diri yang ada sakit yang teruk memang makan masa, sampai sekarang pun akak masih cuba redha cuba jadi happy

    1. allahu , semoga akak terus kuat dan semangat ye :")

  2. Saya pun taktahu saya ni dah healing atau belum. Atau sebenarnya cuma sekadar distraction. Cuma biarkan waktu saja berlalu pergi..

    1. kan , kadang healing tu ..mungkin process seumur hidup untuk kita ikhlas menerima takdir yang telah diciptakan