Self love

By sophea ◇ - 11:22 PM


Hey guys , how are you doing ?

I bet i'm cool now . Well at least i'm not think about that 'thing' anymore . 

Harini pergi hospital , sebab check tangan naik bintik . Dr cakap maybe sebab allergic dengan seafood . Like what , imma seafood lover . I go with my sister but lol she has to wait for her appointment since 10 am and now its 2 pm and her number still not even on the screen .

This week such a rollercoaster journey . I get the warmest hug from my brother that has been home for so long. I miss him so much . Thank god he is fine. We went out for awhile make some jokes with ice kacang.  Will remember all of his words to me . 

But lol , i also learn that i shouldnt trust anyone . I mean just dont . Dont overshare because we never share the same heart . We never know what will happen in the next chapter . 

Its right , people change just by blink of eyes . Dont expect them to treat you same like you did.  I accept all of this , i mean at least i know it now . Maybe i'm a bad one in their story right ? Who knows.  

Well thats process of living :)

Remember to put yourself first in every conditions , learn to live by for your own sake not others . 

Have a nice day guys 🌻

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  1. Ya mengadu pada Allah atau luahkan pada mereka yang ada kepakaran untuk selesaikan masalah tersebut.