Pov To Myself

By sophea ◇ - 10:05 AM

 Pov to myself

Dear myself ,

If only you know that  i'm so proud of you.  We did well bruh πŸ™Œ. Not much but at least we're still trying right ? Little do you know , we can sleep soundly already. No more crying till asleep feeling so hopeless , when the whole world already in a silent .  Keep thinking will there be a light for us at the end of the tunnel ?  Or should we just continue our sleep in the bubble deep down of the ocean . 

We did a good step you know ? 

We meet our old friends and created memories . I'm so excited  I'm glad also.  

We do miss them right ? But we keep deny it ! We keep saying they dont value us.  They just our past.  But guess what ? We are so wrong . They do miss us and still happy for our presence.  They not even fake it ! You should be thankful , Allah let you meet a very good friends . Who value you just the way you are . 

Lets preparing for next vacation with them okay ?So many things to do right ? I cant wait.  

Pat ! Pat ! 

Hey dont worry ! Dont ruin your happiness with that small worries in your heart . 

Sooner or later we will getting what we want . We do.  We surely get it. I promise you . You just have to wait and dont stop improving yourself , okay ?  Dont worry its your timeline not them . No race . Dont comparing anything okay ? We do fine and great.  Let prove it :) 

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