I like it when i'm sad ( Unrequited love story ) ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

By sophea ◇ - 2:55 AM

Hi good evening  and assalamualaikum . How you guys doing ? Anything new happen lately ? 

Well for me ,  i'm doing well . I think so , you guys  know what ? 

Finally , i get a closure about something :) .  I kinda sad but i feel happy also at the same time . Grateful, at least what i'm thinking all these time is true

Somehow , I just realize how unimportant i am to him . Based on his clarification . Thank you for at least say it directly to me. You really treat me like i dont have feeling

Idk i can be that dumb . Well , he always like that though .

 It just me who think , maybe i can make he changes if he knows how genuine my feelings towards him. Sigh .

However ,  You cant change people . You cant force them to accept you too . Unrequited love story .Its end here  . Where one of them try to recover from being hurt and another on just simply living like nothing. 

No worries , i already over him since that day , when i left . Right now , it just a closure . So that i wont put any hope on him . I wont feel sorry if i meet anyone else . 


I like my sad part 

I mean i like it when im sad , for real 

It gives me so much idea of drawing , writing . It helps me to express myself . 

I feel alive again after that 

I also realize about so many things that make me reflect 

So i wont making same mistake 

I call it as self development 

Everyone who come and go 

It just a lesson for me 

and i'm on my way to become a better human being 

Hope so . 

Thank you for reading , thank you for him also :) 

suggestion song to listen  to ( for today) ⋆.˚✮🎧✮˚.⋆

: kenshi yonezu - lemon 

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